TrafInfo Communications, Inc.

Internet-based Wireless Telemetry

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wTrafinfo Software

The wTrafinfo software is written in Visual C++.  It allows for download of the daily count files from an Internet server.  The software can be run from any PC or workstation with access to the Internet.  It automatically connects to the Internet either through a proxy server on a local area network or through a dial-up access.  All downloaded files are saved in a directory specified by the user.

The format in which the files are saved depends upon with traffic counter/detector the Trafmate is connected to.  If Trafmate is connected to a Peek traffic counter Model 241, the wTrafinfo saves the data in the *.prn format used by Peek’s TDP software.  This *.prn format is also used when the Trafmate is connected to a RTMS sidefire radar, a SAS-1 acoustic overhead detector, or the Canoga™ 800 detector by 3M™.  If the traffic counter being used is either Peek's ADR 1000/2000/3000 or by Diamond Traffic Products (Unicorn, Pegasus, Phoenix), then the downloaded files are saved in their respective binary file format compatible with the software provided by the counter manufacturer (TOPS or TDP in case of Peek ADR, and TRAFMAN in case of Diamond Traffic Products).