TrafInfo Communications, Inc.

Internet-based Wireless Telemetry

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TrafInfo Communications’s wireless telemetry system is a unique blend of wireless communication technology and the Internet.  Central to the system is Trafmate™ - Transceiver for monitoring and telemetry.

TrafInfo's telemetry system is designed for extremely simple operation. Simply connect the Trafmate to the traffic counter and turn it on.   Trafmate downloads daily files from the traffic counter.  In case of traffic detectors, it polls every 30 seconds and accumulates the data into a daily file.

There are three types of Trafmate models depending upon the  type of wireless communication technology as shown below:

Trafmate Type Communication Technology
Trafmate - DP Digital Two-way Paging
Trafmate - Sat Satellite Communication
Trafmate 6 Digital PCS Packet Data Service

The traffic counts transmitted by Trafmate are accessible over the Internet using the wTrafinfo software at any time of the day.  In addition, the downloaded data is stored in text or binary format compatible with existing traffic reporting software.

While the Trafmate-DP and Trafmate Sat  also detect any equipment problems such as counter malfunction or loop detector problems and immediately notify via e-mail or a pager, Trafmate 6 allows for real-time communication with the remote device for trouble-shooting and device re-programming.