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Internet-based Wireless Telemetry

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Trafmate™ Satellite
(Transceiver for Monitoring and Telemetry)

Trafmate-Satellite is a unique integration of microprocessor and a satellite modem to provide a 100% coverage of the entire United States and the world.  It operates on 12V DC.  With a built-in power manager, the Trafmate consumes very little power.  The RS-232 serial port with custom cable provides for interfacing with most traffic counter and detectors.  Trafmate uses a flex mast type of antenna.  It contains a type-accepted transmitter approved by the FCC.


Power Requirements
        Input Voltage:                8 V to 20 V DC
        Current Consumption:    35mA - sleep mode
        (@12VDC                    320mA - normal
                                              1.5A - transmit burst

         RS-232 serial port (baud rate upto 115,200 bps)
         3-wire custom cable (TX, RX, GND)

          Processing Speed:        14.732 MHz
          SRAM:                        128K bytes
          Flash EPROM              128K bytes

Modem Parameters Trafmate-Satellite
Transit Frequency 148-150 MHz
Receive Frequency 137-138 MHz
Transit databit rate 2400 bps
Receive databit rate 4800 bps
Communication Protocol ORBCOMM
Antenna Encapsulated flex mast

           Operating Temp:            -40°C to +85°C
           Humidity:                        95% non-condensing